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A completely cloud-based solution, Zacks Advisor Tools is the easiest way to access Zacks award-winning stock, mutual fund and ETF research.

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About Zacks Advisor Tools
#1 (Strong Buy) to #5 (Strong Sell)

Central to our research is the renowned Zacks Rank, which categorizes stocks from #1 (Strong Buy) to #5 (Strong Sell), based on Zacks’ time-tested approach that uses earnings estimate revisions to predict stock movements. Quickly screen more than 8,000 stocks individually, or by your growth/value/momentum investing style.

Win Through Better Equity Selection

  • Zacks #1 ranked stocks delivered an annualized return of 25.4% from 1988 to 4/2/2018.**
  • Zacks analyst-written reports provide timely updates on more than 1,000 firms and incorporate Zacks Rank.
  • Zacks quantitative reports on an additional 3,000 companies provide clear directions to seek future winners.

Win by Staying on Top of Key Developments

  • Interactive Watchlist with quotes, news, alerts and charts.
  • Events Calendar includes earning reports, transcripts & economic events.
  • EPS & Sales Consensus Estimate Summary
  • Detailed “Standardized” & “As Reported” financial statement views.
  • Peer Comparisons with data visualization across hundreds of financial metrics

Win with better ETF and MF selection

  • Qualitative and quantitative rankings for 1,000 ETFs
  • Zacks Strategist predicts future return of major asset classes
  • Zacks MF Rank predicts 6-month relative performance
  • Mutual Fund Snapshot Reports for 6,000 funds
  • Fundamental and technical charts for MFs and ETFs
  • Equity, mutual fund and ETF screening capabilities

Win by Streamlining
Your Investment Process

  • Chart and screen stocks by performance, valuation, and other metrics.
  • Backtest new or existing strategies as far back as 2000.
  • Fundamental and valuation comparisons versus peers, sector and industry.
  • Build on our model portfolios that help you narrow 1000s of stocks to the select few with the best near-term potential. Choose from growth, cyclical, earnings and other portfolios.
  • Automate screening and reporting processes, so your reports are ready when you need them.
  • “Buy” lists for individual stocks and full coverage list driven by Zacks Rank.
  • Zacks Link seamlessly exchanges data with Excel spreadsheets, providing direct access to thousands of data items and predefined model templates.
  • Financial summary tear sheets

Stay Ahead of the Market with Advisor Tools.

See for yourself how our web-based terminal experience provides the analysis and insight you need—and go beyond with our future-focused tools for stock picking, screening, and charting, including the predictive power of the Zacks Rank.

As an equity analyst and portfolio manager, ZRS is my first stop for quickly evaluating a company’s financial strength, earnings revision/growth rate trends, and long-term valuation metrics.

Adam S.
Jacobs & Company
$500 Million+ AUM

I believe the client service and technical support that Zacks provides is second to none in the industry.

Brian H. CFA
Sturdivant & Co.
$50 Million AUM